Our Taste Hiking

In 2017 Vejbystrands Hostel/BB will be offering taste hiking. We know that many would like to combine good food & drinks with outdoor life in beautiful nature.
Even though Vejbystrand is a small village, we have several fantastic operators within the food and drink business. Together with these we have created a unique taste hike which you can book and enjoy during 2017.

Book your Taste Hiking

Saturday 13/5 or 30/9
Larger groups can book their own hike after a agreement with the hostel.

The taste hike will start with breakfast at the hostel. With the help of a detailed map, the hike extends at the sea, past the beach, through forest, marina, across moorland, pastures, roads, forest roads, through Vejbystrand and past landmarks. There will be taste-pauses at Snitten, Vejby Wineyard, Sandgårdens Skafferi and lunch at Bjäre Fish & Seafood, in the port of Magnarp. Dinner will be served in the evening at the hostel, and will be arranged by Vilt & Gott, also a local business.

Food, taste samples, accommodation and breakfasts are included, together with bed sheets and towels.

Price: 1495,-/ person

(Single room surcharge 195,-)
Two breakfasts, map, all tastings, lunch, dinner, accommodation, sheets and towels are included.